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近卫军名将 - 赤胆忠心的“圣贤”德鲁奥 电影《滑铁卢》DVD-5一张钱老神作 THE CAMPAIGNS OF NAPOLEON
拿破仑所著小说《克利松与欧仁妮》波兰军团的创始者——东布罗夫斯基 路易斯-皮雷•蒙布伦和他的骑兵生涯
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主题: 波兰重演爱好者独立制作的中世纪骑士题材影片《伊尔扎城堡纪事》
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{1}{75}movie info: DX50  1024x536 25.0fps 822.2 MB|/SubEdit b.4072 (http://subedit.com.pl)/

{78}{196}This feature is an entirely|amateur production

{200}{317}realised thanks to the unbiased|involvement and passion

{323}{434}of members of historical|re-enactment groups

{438}{551}our friends, and the support of|the few professionals

{555}{633}who believed in us.

{1680}{1729}lt was a grim time

{1734}{1805}when our land|void of a rightful king

{1830}{1880}had plunged into the chaos|of bloody wars

{1900}{1950}Those happy and satisfied

{1957}{2007}were only crows and wolves

{2393}{2436}The bishop of Cracow

{2439}{2489}an influential man of the church

{2504}{2534}had forced the nobility

{2539}{2595}to pay him homage

{2666}{2714}Desiring peace

{2723}{2780}almost all of them|adhered to his orders

{2791}{2839}All but one man.

{2868}{2925}It was the lord of Ilza castle

{2950}{3027}Sir Piotr Wasek.

{3118}{3198}The outraged and infuriated|church official

{3209}{3241}summoned an army of his|followers

{3259}{3345}to force the stubborn nobleman

{3349}{3398}into submission.

{3577}{3642}The heavy|and gruelling fighting

{3666}{3723}lasted for many long months

{3738}{3774}but did not bring victory

{3778}{3827}to either side

{3860}{3920}Once more, the land|was soaked with blood.

{4009}{4072}As time went by,|it became certain

{4088}{4166}that another test of strength|was inevitable.

{4238}{4291}The only question that|remained was...

{4295}{4345}when that would be.

{4491}{4626}A Long Time Ago in Ilza

{4815}{4863}Six months had passed.

{4881}{4930}Sir Piotr Wasek

{4944}{4992}frantically began looking

{5005}{5005}for an ally

{5038}{5101}in case of another military|invasion.

{5138}{5219}For this purpose, he directed his|eyes towards Ruthania

{5245}{5283}where, in a fortified stronghold

{5288}{5288}there dwelled a duke named|Jaroslav

{5363}{5412}a man favourably disposed|towards him.

{5455}{5503}Following brief negotiations

{5513}{5562}armed envoys were sent

{5588}{5652}in order to finally seal their pact|of alliance.

{5709}{5838}It was the spring of the year|of our Lord 1242.

{6838}{6900}Envoys from Sir Piotr Wasek!

{7797}{7797}Greetings my lord.

{7844}{7844}Sir Piotr Wasek,|the lord of Ilza castle

{7906}{7945}wishes to send you|these modest gifts

{7947}{7947}as proof of his sincere friendship.

{7986}{8019}In addition, in response|to your letter

{8020}{8061}to confirm the alliance

{8063}{8111}he wishes to ask|to marry your daughter.

{8277}{8339}The residence of the|Bishop of Cracow

{8903}{8939}This Wasek.

{8959}{9033}He is ready to get us involved in a|war with duke Jaroslav.



{9361}{9398}At last.

{9439}{9473}Are the men ready?

{9572}{9620}You won't be going alone.

{10400}{10450}The devil himself|has brought you here.

{10475}{10525}To the castle ofthe bishop?

{10744}{10792}You've aged.

{10825}{10873}But the scar adds seriousness|to your looks.

{10969}{11006}Go away, I want to change.

{11048}{11097}We set off at dawn.

{11123}{11172}If I’m ready.

{11911}{11911}Is everything ready?

{11936}{11966}Yes my lord.

{11989}{12039}The roads are clear.|All will be fine.

{13928}{13928}We were supposed to| set off at dawn.

{13979}{14021}How long does it take|to get dressed up?

{14834}{14878}My lord, kneel!

{15141}{15141}What do they call you?

{15165}{15194}Macko, my lady.

{15224}{15304}My orders are to escort you|safely to my lord's castle.

{15503}{15540}Greetings my lady.

{15568}{15641}The lord of Ilza, sends me,|to be at your service.

{15788}{15890}llza. The castle of|Lord Piotr Wasek.

{16644}{16700}My lord, the duchess will be|speechless with admiration.

{16703}{16787}And she won't be the first one,|my lad. Oh no.

{16800}{16849}They say, she's extraordinarily|beautiful.

{16874}{16874}You know, if someone says this|in thirty years time,

{16928}{16976}then it might be a moment|to remember.

{16984}{17032}I'll take this one here, I think.

{17243}{17284}I don't even know him.

{17290}{17290}You will my lady.

{17322}{17356}He's a good man.

{17385}{17385}Well to do. And his estates...

{17422}{17459}And love?

{17479}{17528}What is love in these times?

{17582}{17631}Ifyou wait, you will see.

{17666}{17716}He might even come to love you.


{18234}{18306}My lord, let's stop to rest.

{18371}{18419}We've been riding since morning,|it's the twelfth day!

{18459}{18488}Only at sunset.

{18563}{18563}We must arrive on time.

{18593}{18641}It's me who accounts for it|with his head.

{19310}{19359}Protect the wagon!!!

{22622}{22657}That's a pretty dress.

{22684}{22734}You do have a few more,|don't you?

{23131}{23181}What's to be done with her?

{23225}{23253}Tie her up.

{23269}{23297}Kill her.

{23453}{23503}You have a soft heart as for|a commander.

{23629}{23678}Do I look like a|young bride to be?

{23712}{23749}A bride to be...

{23815}{23863}You used to be more|courteous once.

{23875}{23897}Yes, once.

{23901}{23950}A man changes with age.

{24000}{24050}Hm...What a wedding night|this will be.

{24091}{24140}You just don't arrive too early.

{24229}{24278}Move on!

{24663}{24712}Open the gate!

{24746}{24794}Open the gate!

{25006}{25065}My lord.|Lady Lena has arrived.

{25494}{25524}Welcome my lady.

{25534}{25582}Welcome to my abode.

{25712}{25731}She's old...

{25804}{25804}Where's everyone else?

{25837}{25837}They should be here soon.

{25877}{25898}And Macko?

{25904}{25937}Him as well.

{26356}{26394}Do your duty.

{26400}{26425}My lady.

{26435}{26489}You must be weary after|the long journey.

{26495}{26554}So please allow me to show you|to your chambers.

{26768}{26854}Another time bring me the|painters from Italy instead.

{27563}{27613}Guard her with your lives.

{27642}{27690}Tomorrow we march for Ilza.


{28771}{28820}Attack me, not my sword!


{28888}{28888}I'm tired already.

{28915}{28935}You can do it.

{28942}{28960}Get... get up!

{28969}{29018}No, I give up.

{29073}{29121}A true knight fights to the end.

{29125}{29125}You can do it.

{29148}{29196}Come on! Cet up!

{29220}{29269}Get up!

{29275}{29313}Get up!

{29346}{29395}Get up!

{29400}{29450}Get up!



{37418}{37442}Thank you.

{37444}{37550}I'm certain, that not every lord has|such knights at his service.

{37940}{37969}Find them.

{37981}{37981}Find them or I swear to God

{38023}{38071}I'll break you on the wheel myself.

{38087}{38136}Yes my lord.

{38144}{38201}Take down the camp! We're|moving!

{38556}{38601}I don't like this at all.

{38693}{38742}You're right.


{38870}{38919}Macko still hasn't returned

{38929}{38977}And he's never late.

{39173}{39200}My lord.

{39249}{39298}We've begun the preparations|for the wedding.

{39894}{39932}Life is politics.

{39938}{39988}Check mate!

{42488}{42519}What kind of man is he?

{42525}{42544}My sovereign?

{42580}{42623}He's a good knight.

{42700}{42749}But what kind of person?

{42812}{42861}It's one and the same thing.

{43781}{43830}Why are you doing this?

{44031}{44080}Out of loyalty.

{44145}{44194}Is it the only reason?

{44325}{44388}Can knights ever disobey|their code?

{44729}{44848}Lipsko village.|Two days travel from Ilza.

{46199}{46268}Beautiful.The groom|will be delighted.

{46275}{46325}Yes, if he is kind enough to notice.

{47308}{47410}Does a true knight always do|what his sovereign tells him?

{47438}{47481}A true knight...

{47489}{47538}...always does|what he believes is right.

{47581}{47631}And if he doesn't know|what is right?

{47702}{47744}Well, then he's got trouble.

{48094}{48143}What are you thinking about?

{48175}{48211}I think that...

{48262}{48338}...you shouldn't be late for your|own wedding, my lady.


{48379}{48379}What about yesterday?!

{48408}{48457}Yesterday you weren't|in such haste.

{48461}{48492}My lord!

{48562}{48611}That's because...

{48629}{48677}it's dangerous to travel by night.

{48708}{48750}fine then!|Let's go.

{48754}{48827}I wonder if your lord would be|just as loyal towards you.

{50701}{50750}Open the gate, now!

{52353}{52476}Do you Piotr take this woman|to be your wife

{52480}{52553}and wish to be wedded by|the Holy Church?

{52598}{52634}I do.

{53003}{53130}Do you Lena take this man|to beyour husband

{53134}{53213}and wish to be wedded|by the Holy Church?


{53343}{53392}The duchess has been kidnapped!

{53511}{53560}Out of the way!

{53835}{53884}It's the seal of the duke!


{54445}{54493}And take those expensive|clothes from her!

{55655}{55704}When is he finally going|to wake up?

{55741}{55790}Only God will know.

{55968}{56017}He must talk.

{56058}{56107}lt's all in the hands of the Lord.

{56150}{56150}Jesus! It's an army!


{56208}{56264}Close the gate!

{56305}{56354}No, it's in yours!

{56360}{56409}Move it! Move it!

{57942}{58003}He's alive? How can it be?

{58012}{58061}Something's wrong.


{58147}{58223}In the name of his Excellency,|the Bishop of Cracow

{58235}{58275}you are to surrender at once

{58279}{58328}or come out into the open field!

{58434}{58483}Was that a joke?

{58523}{58572}We'll have to siege the castle.

{58605}{58638}I don't think so.

{58888}{58938}You recognise who this is,|don't you?

{58964}{58992}It's her.

{59266}{59315}We're coming out.

{60310}{60359}Sir knight

{60390}{60439}Sir knight!

{60509}{60558}Sir knight!

{60646}{60646}I'm no knight.

{60685}{60752}An ordinary footman I am, that's|all.

{60758}{60807}No knight?

{60813}{60813}Well so, sir no-night then.

{60862}{60926}Could I ask for a bucket of water|to wash myself in?

{60939}{60939}I think that even a prisoner|deserves fair treatment

{61004}{61043}doesn't he?

{61050}{61107}Well, I guess so...

{65911}{65989}My lord, you really shouldn't.

{65993}{66042}My blade! Quick!

{66683}{66683}Where have you been?!

{66717}{66766}You were supposed to leave|no one alive!

{66786}{66786}The whole plan failed|because of you!

{66821}{66870}You're a downright bungler!

{66955}{67004}You sorry excuse for a man.



{69513}{69588}first unit! forward march!


{71108}{71157}Do you see him?

{71238}{71288}Go after him!


{74349}{74411}Cavalry! Charge!

{74649}{74698}Fall back!

{74846}{74876}Where's the cavalry?!

{74900}{74950}Send them forward!

{76304}{76353}Infantry, advance!


{77011}{77060}Yes! Slay them all!

{80576}{80603}My lord!

{80639}{80688}We're losing the battle!

{80793}{80827}Guard her!

{84548}{84597}Everything will be alright,|you'll see...

{84618}{84667}It'll be alright.


{89616}{89688}Written and directed by

{89786}{89838}second assistant director


{90599}{90648}photography by

{90734}{90783}edited by

{90799}{90848}music by

{90885}{90934}sound by

{90947}{90996}visual effects

{91935}{92020}dedicated to the memory of|Maria Dziewulska
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{1}{75}movie info: DX50  1024x536 25.0fps 822.2 MB|/SubEdit b.4072 (http://subedit.com.pl)/
{2950}{3027}Piotr Wasek爵爷。
{3860}{3920}再一次的, 这片土地|被鲜血浸透。
{4881}{4930}Piotr Wasek爵爷
{5245}{5283}在那里, 在一个坚固的堡垒里
{6838}{6900}Piotr Wasek爵爷派来的使者!
{7844}{7844}Piotr Wasek爵爷,|Ilza 城堡之主
{8903}{8939}这个 Wasek.
{10400}{10450}魔鬼他本人|已经带你来了这里 。
{10969}{11006}走开, 我想要改变。
{14834}{14878}我的大人, 跪下!
{15165}{15194}Macko, 我的夫人。
{15568}{15641}Ilza的领主, 派我来,|为您效劳.
{15788}{15890}llza. Piotr Wasek 领主的城堡.
{16644}{16700}我的大人, 公爵夫人会钦佩地说不出话来。
{16703}{16787}而她不会是第一个,|我的伙计。 哦,不。
{16800}{16849}他们说, 她是异常美丽.
{16874}{16874}你知道, 如果有人在三十岁时|说起这个,
{16984}{17032}我会接受这一点, 我想。
{17582}{17631}如果你等待, 你就会看见。
{18234}{18306}我的大人, 让我们停下来休息。
{25006}{25065}主人 。| Lena夫人已经到了。
{27642}{27690}明天我们前往 Ilza。
{28771}{28820}攻击我, 而不是我的剑!
{28942}{28960}起... 起来!
{28969}{29018}不, 我放弃。
{29148}{29196}过来! 起来!
{37940}{37969}找到他们 。
{38144}{38201}收拾营地! 我们|动身!
{44729}{44848}Lipsko 村|距 Ilza 两天路程
{48262}{48338}...你不应该在你自己的婚礼上|迟到, 夫人。
{50701}{50750}打开大门, 马上!
{55655}{55704}什么时候 他才会最终清醒?
{56150}{56150}耶稣啊! 有一支军队!
{56305}{56354}不, 那是在你的手上!
{56360}{56409}快点! 快点!
{57942}{58003}他还活着? 怎么会?
{60685}{60752}我就一个普通的仆役, 那就是|全部。
{60813}{60813}好的, 那么,不是骑士爵爷。
{61050}{61107}好的, 我猜 那么
{65911}{65989}我的大人, 你真的不应该
{65993}{66042}我的剑! 快!
{69513}{69588}第一组! 前进!
{74349}{74411}骑兵! 冲!
{89616}{89688}编剧 导演
{90947}{90996}视觉效果|字幕翻译 压制 PZL
{91935}{92020}献给Maria Dziewulska,作为纪念。
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